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  1. David Hou 程式有再改進 [回覆]


    David Hou 回應於 24 十二月, 2010 14:45

  2. David Hou 補上scmd定義,原先漏掉,已更新 [回覆]

    (defun scmd (x) ; 設定 CMDECHO 狀態,不存原值

    David Hou 回應於 26 十二月, 2010 15:05

  3. Re: 在AutoCAD快速查詢距離與角度 [回覆]

    How much would you pay to play G1 and how much you pay to play G2, given that you know nothing about the probabilities of S1 and S2? You might reason this way.

    Well in G1, if I played A and S1 and S2 were equal, then I would get on average at little less than $50, while in G2 I would get about 50 cents. So probably G1 is worth at least 90 times more than G2. Whereas, I might pay very little to play G2, I might spend much more to play G2.

    As attractive as this line of reasoning is, it is false if we assume that whatever is choosing S1 or S2 is watching you make your choice, ie a market.

    The zero sum value of G2, is -25 cents. But the value of G1 is -1 cent! G1 is not even a profitable game to play, despite that lovely looming left hand corner in which you get a return of $100. free movies online

    free movies online 回應於 29 十二月, 2010 14:33

  4. Re: 在AutoCAD快速查詢距離與角度 [回覆]

    many years ago .I was a student ,like English very much ,because some resons I gave up it .but now I want to learn it again .believe me!!GO GO !!!

    thomas sabo schmuck 回應於 30 十二月, 2010 17:17

  5. Re: 在AutoCAD快速查詢距離與角度 [回覆]


    正經營一個最多 名人推薦 最有效 的網路創業系統




    ebgqadg 回應於 02 元月, 2011 23:54

  6. Re: 在AutoCAD快速查詢距離與角度 [回覆]

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    kjyyhty 回應於 08 三月, 2011 16:37